Our Story

Be Your Own Handsome

We’ve got male friends, partners and family just like you, black males looking for the best skin care products for black men. We also provide outstanding black men’s haircare. Our male friends and family have been where you are…let us guess, you’ve been in and out of the shops and stores, you’ve looked at the products on offer but you’ve been a bit, well, underwhelmed? The products aren’t really you. You don’t love the skin or haircare available, you might use what’s there but the brands aren’t really delivering what you’d like them to.

That’s why we created Ahjayee.  It’s for you.  You’re a black man, you’ve got afro hair, it’s amazing but it gets dry, your beard could do with a helping hand, your skin might be a little oily, or is it a little dry? At Ahjayee, we’ve got you covered! 

Natural Skincare and Natural Haircare

Our ethically sourced products are as natural as possible with virtually no chemicals. They’re easy to use and the best part is that they’re purpose built for black guys, specially formulated to help you feel and look your very best.

We know that’s not the whole picture. It’s a holistic thing. Looking good goes hand-in-hand with feeling good, it’s all about wellbeing as a whole, so we’ve gone even further and we provide tried and tested tips on black men’s health, nutrition, lifestyle tips, style and fitness.

We’re all you need, we’re Ahjayee.