My beard is dry, I want it moisturised but not oily. Do you have products for this? 

  • Absolutely! Our Hydrating Cream contains hyaluronic acid which help retain moisture and keeps your beard, hair and skin moisturised for the whole day.

    Can your products help with razor bumps?

    • Yes our Hydrating Cream is great for this. It contains hyaluronic acid which is a moisture attracting agent and provides the skin with the much needed moisture post shaving.

    Can I use soap to wash my hair and beard?

    • It is better not to do so. Most soaps can be harsh and strips your hair of moisture making it feel hard and brittle. It is better to use a gentle cleanser with no sulphates.

    Are your products organic?

    • Yes they are.

    How do I apply your products?

    • Our Hydrating Cream can be used on your face, hair or beard to keep them feeling soft and smooth all day.