Can I use your Moisturising Serum on my hair and beard?

  • Yes you can, the serum is designed to moisturise both your hair and beard. It keeps them feeling soft long after it has been applied.

Is your Moisturising Serum good to use if I am clean shaven?

  • Yes it is, it contains chamomile extracts which is soothing to the skin. It can be used a both a pre- or post- shave treatment.

Can your products help with razor bumps?

  • Yes our Moisturising Serum is great for this. It contains emollients and calming plant extracts which help to soften the facial hair and skin which reduces the chance of ingrown hair.

Can I use soap to wash my hair and beard?

  • It is better not to. Most soaps can be harsh and strips your hair of moisture making it feel hard and brittle. It is better to use a gentle cleanser like our Conditioning Cleanser

Are your products organic?

  • Yes they are.

How do I apply your products?

We recommend the following:

  • Use our Conditioning Cleanser as the first step to cleanse your face, hair or beard without drying them out.
  • Follow up with our Hydrating Cream which can be used on your face, hair or beard to keep them feeling soft.
  • Lastly use our Moisturising Serum as the last step to boost the moisture levels and keep your hair and beard feeling soft for hours.