A couple of weeks ago I ran my second marathon in Paris which was amazing. The crowd, the general atmosphere and just being in a race again felt so good. But I haven’t always been like this, in fact 3 years ago my favorite statement was – “Why am I running if no one is chasing me?” lol. But around two and a half years ago, I started thinking seriously about my health and generally keeping fit and decided to try running as my cardio….and I loved it.

Now I am definitely not saying, you must run marathons to keep fit because in truth not everyone likes running and that is fair enough, when people starting out on their fitness journey ask me, “How can I start?” and I always say the following:

  • Start with something you enjoy and build up gradually. You have a greater chance of success that way. Be it taking walks, dance classes, cycling/spin, what ever it is, just get moving.
  • SCHEDULE IT. The scheduling is important, what is not prioritized, does not get done. I generally work out first thing in the morning.
  • Choose – Food or Exercise. Didn’t see that coming huh? Ok, let me explain, I think introducing too many changes at once, causes us to naturally resist the changes, so pick what you want to tackle first, I have found, whether you pick food or exercise, healthier choices in either naturally lead to you doing more in the other category

For me I made changes with my “non existent” exercise routine first as my diet was not terrible. I started off with the using the jog/run sequence, slowly built up there then incorporated strength training. As I progressed and signed up for races, I found myself thinking abut food in a different way, I started thinking about whole simple foods to give my body the fuel needed so I could train properly, all the vitamins need for my body to rest, heal and work as it should. It just opened up a whole new world of foods to try, I started having so much fun with food and eating healthily was much easier.

Whether you are interested in healthy(ier) eating (I apply the 80/20 rule) and exercise (if you are just starting out or wanting to up your game), I hope this post will give you some inspiration. Look out for my guide to running your first marathon coming soon.

Till next time….