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Skin Prep Before Shaving?

The importance of prepping the skin before shaving We have all heard how important it is to prepare and plan for things, so why should shaving be any different? Exactly, we should prepare the skin before shaving. By doing so we can prevent some common problems such as: Damage to the epidermis Painful and burning […]

Why Use Beard Oil?

What Is Beard Oil? Beard oil is a mix of carrier and essential oils used to keep the beard looking and feeling shiny, soft and smooth. In addition to this a good beard oil also nourishes the skin under the beard. The beard oil moistures the hair and prevents the hair from growing brittle, this […]

Moisturing Beard Oil

Our beard oil is an exquisite mix of Marula oil, chamomile extracts and our special blend of essential oils. To find out more, click on video below.

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