Eat like a child?

Number 1 tip which might help you maintain or lose weight is….. Eat like a child.

Yes, I know, sounds weird but stay with me, have you noticed children follow their own rules when it comes to eating? I think some people call this intuitive eating, but essentially it is the same thing. So how can we do this? Well, here are 2 things I learnt from adopting this way of eating.

1) Listen to your body. So instead of the eating on autopilot, for example, when it is lunchtime you automatically eat lunch. A better way might be to listen to your body and eat when hungry. This also applies to the portion sizes as well. There may be times you are hungrier because you are more active, so your portion sizes are bigger, and other times you are more sedentary so you eat less.

2) Slow down. Do you remember those times when you ate in a rush, then suddenly, you felt so full to the point of being uncomfortable? Well, slowing down can help you gauge when you are getting to the satisfied stage. Taking my time eating allowed my brain to register, ok I feel like I’m 70% full. At which point I would slow down/stop and more often than not I was actually full. 

Well, that’s it, so are you tempted to eat like a child?

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