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Keep your Facial Hair Clean (But Not too Clean)

Do you wonder why your beard feels dry and coarse? Well washing your beard with harsh soaps or shampoos will strip away the natural oils needed for moisturising your beard.

So when it comes to cleansing your beard we recommend natural gentle washes or cleansers. You need one or two pumps to start and the main thing is to take some a minute or so to massage your scalp and skin under your beard.

When washing off the shampoo or wash, this will cleanse your hair or beard

Hydrate and Nourish with Beard Oil

Beard oil is easily the most popular product used for beard care and maintenance.

Quality beard oil replenishes the oils that you lose in the shower, it hydrates and nourishes the skin underneath the beard, and it gives some volume and shine to the beard hairs, making your beard look and feel healthier all around.

When you apply the oil, you should follow up with a comb or brush through your beard to make sure you get the oil through all your strands.

Maintaining a Beard with Brush and Comb

Following on from the above, you know at the core of men’s beard care is brushing and combing.

A boar bristle beard brush is handy since it stimulates the natural secretion of sebum oils which nourish the mane, it exfoliates the skin underneath the beard and removes dirt & dandruff, it also helps redistribute beard oil and cream if you brush after applying those.

A wooden beard comb tends to have straight and even lines, and they glide in your beard perfectly without any snagging.

Using Beard Cream For Extra Moisture

Taking care of your beard when it’s dry and sensitive, and beard oil alone just doesn’t seem to cut it, may seem difficult.

This is where a cream comes in handy. You can apply the cream first and follow up with the beard oil to seal in the moisture.

Trimming Beard Split Ends

In between the trips to the barber or your personal appointment with the clippers, you want to take care of split hairs. This makes the beard hairs coarse and hard to manage.

Trimming with scissors is obviously the best way to do this, as sharp stainless-steel blades will leave the cleanest edge to the hairs.

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