Quick Self-Care Guide for Men

So 2021 started off on an “interesting” note and got us thinking about self-care.

Getting straight to the point, adulting can be difficult we have commitments, obligations and responsibilities. Add a global pandemic, multiple lockdowns, plus a lot of uncertainty, and this can really affect your mental health.

So taking care of your physical and mental well-being is absolutely crucial. Therefore, self-care is really important because you need to take time out for yourself to stay physically and mentally healthy. We see a lot of posts for self-care for women with face masks, bubble baths and so on, but not so much for men. But this concept is equally important for men, so we thought we would put together some self-care ideas for men.

Take Out Time For Yourself 

In this crazy busy life, it is important to recognise you need to make space for some me time in your schedule.  If you’re working from home, try to establish a fixed end-time, and line up half an hour of doing nothing immediately after or first thing in the morning. If your weekdays are busy, fix a specific day of the week meant only for you and the things you love. So dependent on your schedule, pick the best time to get away from it all. 

Keep Hygiene Routine

Taking care of yourself translates to feeling good, both physically and mentally. Good hygiene and periodic grooming fall under that umbrella. It is good to establish a routine, when you get up, workout, shower, brush your teeth and so on.

If you have a grooming routine, do that. My beard gang people still apply your serums, oils, apply your skin cream and comb your hair. It starts your day off right and puts you in a great frame of mind. Check out our Hair and Skin Kit for some product ideas.

On Diet And Fitness 

Let food be thy medicine. And this could not be more important than right now. Spending endless hours at home, snacking, binge eating, we have probably gained some “quarantine” weight. One way to practice self-care to to eat nutritious food/snacks, giving your body what it needs. Another feel good hack is exercise. Now this does not need to be anything hectic. One of the best exercises is walking and best of all, it is free. Taking a walk once a day, gets you outside in fresh air and getting some much needed vitamin D.

Express Yourself 

Ok, please don’t come for me, but in most cases, men express themselves less often and less intensely than women. We all need an emotional outlet, and when you don’t give yourself the adequate space for self-expression, the likelihood of built up frustration and emotional outbursts increases tenfold. Make sure you give yourself that time and space by talking to a friend, taking up a hobby etc. Honestly, you’ll feel lighter and better equipped to deal with any problems that may arise.


The all important reset button called sleep. I think a lot of times we underestimate the importance of sleep. Quality self-care is incomplete without giving your body the rest it needs to manage the things which may arise during the day. A proper sleeping schedule with adequate snooze time is absolutely critical to staying in your best mental and physical shape. The recommend sleep time for adults is between 7-9 hours a day and there are a variety of apps and sleep tools out there to get you back onto to a good sleep pattern.

What do you do for self-care?

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