Getting back into fitness

Since the start of the year being mostly at home, we have all probably gained a little weight. I was just talking to a friend of mine and he was saying he wanted to stop running again, getting his fitness routine back on track but was not feeling motivated.

I know people generally say women are always talking about their weight and how they look from certain angles, but it has come to my attention guys do as well. I mean everybody wants to look and feel good. And looking good does not come in one package or category. I think if you feel good, you generally carry yourself better and you look good as well. But what do you do if you are not motivated? That is what we want to talk about today.

When I started on my fitness journey, there were two things I was looking at: My food and consistent exercise. I decided to go for exercise first because to be honest I was not doing badly in the food department, but I did not have an exercise routine so I was starting from zero.

I went onto google and came across Beachbody programmes and that was a game changer for me. Before then exercise programs were generally one set of exercises you did day in, day out but now there was a different workout each day. I settled on Les Mills combat since it looked like fun and something I would enjoy. And it was. As I got fitter, I found that the food side of things came along for the ride automatically as I started reaching for healthier foods as I did not want to undo my good work in the exercise department.

 After I completed the programme, I decided to set myself a new challenge and went for Insanity, again loved it and something about completing a programme you would not even have considered months before felt really good. Afterwards I decided to try out running, downloaded couch to 5k, signed up for a 10k run. And that was when I discovered my love for running. One thing led to another and before I knew it, I was running marathons.

Through this journey there are some things I would like to point out if you decided you want to make fitness a part of your lifestyle:

  • Start with something you enjoy. Maybe you liked the Rocky movies, start with boxing.
  • Start off small and increase gradually. If you have never run before, maybe do not lace up and try to go for a 5k run right off the bat.
  • Get proper gear. This is especially true for those trying out running. Please get your gait analysed and proper running shoes. Not doing so can lead to lower back problems, shin splits amongst other things.
  • Mix up your routine. I run but also do pilates, yoga and some weights. A mixture of cardio and strength will do wonders for your overall health, from improves, heart health, to maintaining muscle mass, decreasing anxiety and so on.
  • Rest properly. Your body needs time to rebuild and recover, so sleeping properly, taking rest days are just as important as working out.
  • Be easy on yourself. So not all your workouts will be 100% and that is ok, just keep showing up for yourself

All that said, our bodies are meant to move, so even if you decide to start with  a 30 minute walk daily, just move.

I hope this helped and see you on the next blog post.

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