Hello, my name is Banke, a skin/hair care enthusiast, fitness lover and the founder of Ahjayee. I started this journey over ten years ago when I got re-introduced to the world of natural oils and butters and haven’t looked back since. 

Why Us?

At Ahjayee, we believe in taking care of ourselves and being the best version of ourselves we can be. Our tagline: “Be your own handsome” encourages men to spend a little more time in taking care of themselves. We don’t promise to transform you overnight but we can provide that “feel good” boost daily.

We create clean, high performance skin and hair care products based on the finest ingredients nature has to offer. Life is complicated enough…your products shouldn’t be.

How It All Started

Growing up my mum always mixed in some “extras” like castor oil in our hair creams which got me interested in butters and oils and how to use them for hair and skin.

One summer, I went to New York to visit a friend, Harlem to be exact. We were walking down a street, and found this shop which contained a lot of the butters and oils from my childhood and all the memories came rushing back, I couldn’t wait to find out more. I then spent the next decade researching and studying the effects of these plants oil and herbs from all over the world.

The Journey

Over the years, I continued making products for myself, friends and family. About two years ago I was talking to a male friend and he mentioned how he felt there wasn’t a lot out there for him, this was a light bulb moment for me. What if I could create a line exclusively for men, but not just a product line but one which gave men a little something special daily.

Many conversations later, some more research and Ahjayee was born in 2018. That was just the beginning, we continue to research into how to improve the brand, listening to our customers to continue to provide them with the best products which fits easily into their lifestyles and meets their needs.

We hope you enjoy looking around and come on this journey with us.