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My name is Banke and I am obsessed with natural skin and hair care. So I guess I should start at the very beginning. Growing up my mum always mixed in some “extras” like castor oil in our hair creams which I am guessing helped us on our hair journey but I kind of forgot about them as I grew older. When I decided to go completely natural over a decade ago, I couldn’t really find hair products in the market which worked for my hair but I wasn’t sure how to fix this problem.

One summer, I went to New York to visit a friend, Harlem to be exact. We were walking down a street, about to go past a little shop when I smelt this combination of scents, quite unlike anything I had experienced up to that point. All I could think of was, I needed to find out what was in that shop. I walked in and saw all these natural butters, oils, essential oils etc. I could see some of the oils my mum used to use for us when we were younger as well, and it started to come back to me, I was so excited. I bought a hair oil and from then on, I was hooked.

I watched videos, researched online, attended courses and started making natural hair and skin products for family and friends (I studied sciences, engineering to be exact which I think helped in understanding the “chemistry” part of this journey). As we used these products, we found our hair became healthier, creams worked better and best of all, we knew exactly what we using.

People asked why didn’t I start this as a business but back then starting a small business was not as accessible as it is now. I carried on researching and mixing then about 2 years ago, I was talking to a male friend and he mentioned how he felt there wasn’t a lot out there for him, which was a light bulb moment for me. What if I could create a line exclusively for men, but not just a product line but one which gave men a little something special daily. Many conversations later, some more research and Ahjayee was born in 2017. Our aim, to bring a touch of luxury to your everyday routine with quality, effective and easy to use products.

Our tagline: “Be your own handsome” encourages men to spend a little more time in taking care of themselves. The range includes: Face & Body, Beard & Shaving and Hair products, all of which are free from nasties and a one stop shop for all your grooming needs.

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Thanks for dropping by and hope to see you again soon.